SPH 100 Aerial Platform
We’ve taken our original mid-mount design to a whole new level. With the SPH 100 Aerial Platform, you get better maneuverability, greater versatility, and more fire-fighting capability than any other mid-mount aerial apparatus on the market.
The shorter wheelbase and shorter overall length allow this aerial platform to maneuver easily through tight city streets, cul-de-sacs, and apartment or business complexes.  Now with different body options featuring up to 300 cubic feet of usable compartment space, the SPH 100 provides plenty of room for tool mounting boards, storage of rescue tools, fans, and even long handled tools.  The large, safe platform features almost 20 square feet of working space and can be easily accessed from the ground without having to walk the length of the ladder. 

There’s Nothing Like a Sutphen, and there is certainly nothing like the SPH 100 Aerial Platform.  Explore our features for more details.