Remounted Aerial Platforms

It is a fact of life today that budgets are tight, and you can’t always rely on grant money to help with the purchase of new equipment, let alone a purchase as expensive as a new Aerial Platform or Ladder.  The cost effective alternative to a brand new unit is a Sutphen Remounted Aerial Platform or Ladder.  In most cases, the aerial ladder or platform operating hours are far less than that of the chassis, pump, and body.  The Sutphen aluminum aerial ladder is HuckBolted instead of using welds that can crack or weaken over time due to heat exposure and age, and the box boom construction ensures outstanding strength and performance.  Our superior manufacturing practices result in an aerial structure that can perform on the job for 20 years, and after remounting, perform for another 20.

The Sutphen Remount Program offers several different opportunities to save on the cost of your aerial purchase.  Customize a new unit to your specifications with one of our in stock aerials, remount your existing aerial should you have one, or take immediate delivery of a completed stock unit (based on availability).  Whichever option you choose, the experienced aerial will be mounted on a new Sutphen chassis and body.  All of these units are tested and warranted as new. 

A new aerial apparatus at a cost saving price…  One more reason, There’s Nothing Like A Sutphen