Monarch Extreme Duty Chassis
Sutphen Monarch Extreme Duty Chassis

Since 1968, our experience and focus on the fire service have driven Sutphen to build the industry’s most Extreme Duty Chassis.  Every inch of our custom chassis is built to withstand the most severe firefighting conditions.  From the cab construction, heavy wall 6061 T6 aluminum extrusions and heavy duty aluminum plate, to the steel box tube design Subframe under cab, our chassis provides superior crash protection and is fully certified to meet all ASME and ECE standards.  Our standard double frame rails, cross members, and suspension hangers are Huck Bolted with Grade 8 fasteners, and are bead blasted to prep the surface for better adhesion of the Cathacoat primer and durable Imron top coat paint to ensure that it will be long lasting and safe from corrosion.  The front and rear suspension work together resulting in superior handling, a smoother ride, and better turning radius.  Interior durability is just as important.  We utilize high quality, extreme duty products to provide a rugged interior.  There are no plastic trim panels, only heavy duty Durawear seats, headliners, and back wall; full length stainless steel interior door panels; and, durable urethane coated dash, switch console, and engine hood.  The bumper is 10-gauge #304 Stainless steel, reinforced with a ¼” steel plate for added crash protection.  The grille and headlight housings are 14-gauge #304 stainless steel, never plastic, for durability, and give the chassis that classic Sutphen look.  From the moment you see it, you know it’s a Sutphen, and it’s built to last.